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New Pairs Scanner

Stay ahead of the market by receiving timely notifications when new trading pairs that meet specific criteria are identified. The bot function analyzes factors such as trading volume, price volatility, social media, liquidity, and market trends to provide comprehensive insights into the identified pairs.

Listing Sniper

Once a liquidity adding transaction is detected, the function analyzes the transaction details to determine if it meets the desired criteria. For example, it might consider factors such as the token pair, liquidity amount, and deployer balance. Then it will proceed to buy desired token before everyone else.

Token Elite Checker

Gain access to comprehensive token information, including market performance, honeypot checking, trading volume liquidity, and historical data. Our bot's advanced metrics and indicators assess token health and potential, incorporating factors like market capitalization, community engagement, and development activity.

Mirror Frontrun Sniper

Copies the actions of specialized wallets. It is designed to replicate the trades and actions performed by specific targeted wallets. Monitors the targeted wallet's transactions in real-time and automatically executes identical trades or actions in the user's own wallet and front-running them.

Pre-Sale Sniper

Once a presale is detected (e.g., on Pinksale), the function analyzes the details of the presale event and executes a purchase ahead of others. This analysis encompasses information such as the token being offered, the token price, allocation limits, presale duration, and any specific rules or requirements.

Swap Limit Orders

Customize trading preferences by setting the desired token pair, target price, and order expiration time. The bot function constantly monitors the market, tracking price movements and executing the swap when the specified price conditions are met.

AI Trading Strategies

You can access a wide range of pre-built AI trading strategies for DEX designed to maximize returns and minimize risks. The bot function continuously monitors market conditions, evaluates historical data, and adapts strategies in real-time to capitalize on emerging opportunities and mitigate potential losses.

Call Groups Copytrade

The function is designed to enable copy trading from specified Telegram groups listed on a list. Copy trading allows users to automatically replicate the trades executed by experienced traders or groups, providing an opportunity to benefit from their expertise and potentially achieve similar trading outcomes.

Portfolio Monitor

That function is a powerful tool that allows users to track and manage their cryptocurrency wallets in real-time. This function continuously monitors the user's assets on wallets, providing a comprehensive overview of their holdings and crypto portfolio performance including all tokens and native coins.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, our user-friendly interface makes it effortless to set up and customize your trading preferences.

Unleash the full potential of your trading endeavors with MonsterBot for only 1% fee of trading volume.

Lighting Fast

MonsterBot executes trades with unparalleled speed, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition. With its exceptional performance, our bot secures trades before anyone else, making it the fastest among its peers.

MEV Protection

Safeguard your trades with our bot equipped with MEV protection, mitigating the risks of front-running and maximizing your trading security.


Our bot employs encrypted private keys to ensure the highest level of security and protection for user funds, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.


Private Nodes

Trade tokens securely and swiftly with our encrypted private transactions, shielding your trades from front-running and sandwich attacks for enhanced security and peace of mind.


Our bot offers customizable functions, including gas limit, trade amount, multi-wallet support, and the ability to specify the number of simultaneous transactions. Tailor your trading experience to your preferences with ease and flexibility.

Stop Loss

Protect your investments with ease using our bot's stop-loss function, enabling automatic execution of sell orders to limit potential losses in volatile market conditions.

MonsterBot is available on Ethereum.

Enjoy the flexibility to trade on the chain that best suits your needs, unlocking a world of possibilities in the crypto market.

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24/7 Automated Trading

Maximize your trading potential even while you sleep with our bot, tirelessly executing trades and monitoring the market on your behalf.

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Lighting fast

Experience lightning-fast trading execution and real-time market analysis with our high-speed bot, ensuring you never miss out on lucrative opportunities.

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Ensure the highest level of security for your trading activities with our bot, fortified by encryption to safeguard your wallets sensitive data.

Be part of the groundbreaking world of crypto bots by owning a token and securing a stake in MonsterBot. As one of the first DEX bots, this is your opportunity to own a piece of a prominent player in the industry. Join us and be at the forefront of the future of trading automation.


By holding our token, you become an esteemed member of our community, gaining access to exclusive benefits and a share in the revenue generated by our revolutionary bot and token ecosystem.

As a token holder, you participate in our innovative revenue-sharing model. Earn a portion of the fees collected from both the bot and token revenue streams. This means that as the bot executes trades and generates profits, you receive a share of those earnings. Additionally, the token fee revenue generated within our ecosystem further contributes to your passive income.

Join a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the future of decentralized finance and trading automation. Interact with fellow token holders, share insights, and collaborate on the growth of MonsterBot ecosystem.

80% - Liquidity
10% - CEX
5% - Marketing
5% - Partnerships

Total Supply: 10M MONSTER
5% - Buy and Sell Tax
Tax funds allocated for marketing, development, CEX listings, partnerships and staking program.
Contract address: 0x


Real Yield / Staking Program

Our staking program is a game-changer, offering a unique way for token holders to actively engage with our platform and benefit from its success. By staking your tokens, you not only contribute to the overall liquidity and stability of the ecosystem but also unlock a world of exciting rewards.

Through the staking program, token holders receive a portion of the revenue generated by our bot. This means that as the bot executes trades and generates profits on DEX, you will earn a share of those earnings. It's a mutually beneficial system that aligns our success with the success of our valued token holders.

Fair share with token holders

Bot Fee Revenue Share
Token Fee Revenue Share

Imagine earning passive income simply by holding MonsterBot tokens. It's an incredible opportunity to maximize the value of your investment and participate in the growth of our platform. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to the world of cryptocurrencies, our staking program offers an inclusive and rewarding experience for everyone.

It is typically straightforward and user-friendly. Token holders can choose to stake their tokens directly through a designated platform or wallet that supports the staking process. The program will also offer different staking options, such as flexible or fixed-term staking, allowing users to tailor their participation to their preferences.

In summary, the Real Yield Staking Program provides an avenue for token holders to earn ETH rewards by staking their tokens. It offers participants a passive income stream and encourages long-term token ownership, fostering a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Q4 2023

Development of Bot

Token Launch

Affiliate Program

Staking System

Open Beta for Holders

AI Anti-Rug

Transaction Simulation

Website Panel

Q1 2024

Marketing Campaigns


AI Trailing Strategies


CEX Listings

Social Media Campaigns


Continuous Improvement

No, it is not necessary to connect your own wallet to the bot. You have the option to generate burner wallets directly within the bot itself.

Currently, MonsterBot is conveniently accessible through Telegram, allowing you to harness its powerful trading capabilities with ease. However, we are excited to announce that we are actively working on making the bot available on a web panel as well.

Currently, users can utilize up to 20 wallets with our bot. We have plans to extend this limit in the future, providing even greater flexibility for managing multiple wallets within a single user account.

There will be implemented staking pools allowing users to stake their tokens. As a token holder, you will have the opportunity to stake your tokens and earn ETH generated from bot fee revenue and token fee revenue.


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